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Hey everyone. I'm new here and love photography. I joined because I was looking for some place to share my pictures. A few things about myself: I'm a guy. I'm 22. I live in Raleigh, NC. I like taking pictures of all kinds of things and I take pictures constantly. I've taken so many in the last several years I've lost count. I pretty much take pictures of anything, somethings very random, but I especially like taking pictures of skylines and urban pictures (some of which you'll see in the cut). I pretty much take all digital pictures these days but occasionally still break out my old school cameras.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling and get to some of my pictures, which are behind the cut.

Older Pictures Taken w/ my Older Camera (HP Photosmart 320):

"Black Puppy on Porch"

"Amber Sky"

"Night and Snow Fall in the Woods"

New Pictures Taken w/ my New (and far better) camera (Canon EOS 20D):

View from Above Fayetteville St. (closed due to construction) in downtown Raleigh

Raleigh skyline on a crisp Spring day

Looking down Fayetteville St. at street level towards construction and the State Capital

"Sunset Nuclear Explosion"

"Storm Clouds at Dusk in Downtown Raleigh"

Winston-Salem Skyline As Storm Clouds Begin to Roll in

"Black and White Burnt Sunrise with a Train"

Downtown Durham Skyline

Comments are welcomed and appreciated :)
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