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My first post! :)

Hi!  I'm new here.  I was looking for a place to view photos and post photos. :)  So, here is my first contribution.  I use a Fuji FinePix S3100 and it's 4MP.  I do mostly everything digital now and no longer know where my old cameras are!  But anyway, I love my Camera...that is untiil I decide to replace it with the latest and greatest. (Which happens a lot, not only am I camera obsessed, I'm electronics obsessed!)

But you didn't come here to read about my camera, on to the pictures! I do some experimenting with PaintShopPro with the pictures I take so, I have the originals and the altered. :)  Hope you enjoy!




I love this little bench out by the lake.  I also adore black and white photos.  Most of my alterations are just switching to b&w.  So, I figured I'd share these both with you. :)


Another one in greyscale.  This one was mainly for my ghost-lovin' friends.  We're forever trying to find things in photos and stuff and this is our "haunted hotel" it's been boarded up for years.  Well, today, the sun was in JUST the right spot, so I took a picture of it like this.  Now, it's obviously NOT a ghostly orb, but it kinda has that eerie little resembelance. And I thought it was kinda neat.


This is a local bar.  For the longest time, I thought it was an auto shop, until I saw "Cocktails" on the sign underneath.  I took this photo from across the street. Then, I "aged" the photo like 100 years or so and ended up with the 2nd pic. 


And it was such a pretty day at the lake, I just COULDN'T pass up a sky shot.  And then, of course a shot of the water itself. :)

I really hope you've enjoyed my photos.  I'd like to post them all here, but I have so many that it would just be impossible.  If you'd like to see them, please check out my photo album.

My Fotki Album

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